We are old(er) people with an old(er) dog and a cat that rule our house. Then someone (who shall remain nameless) in our house gets a glimpse of the cutest little black creature with huge eyes and a pug nose, and boom, before you know it, there was a puppy in our house! 

What were we thinking?

He is just a little guy, cute as can be and he has brought more joy than I thought possible. He provides endless entertainment, they really do chase their tails! He doesn’t know a stranger, loves everyone he meets and forgives easily when his tail gets stepped on accidently. OOPS! It seems he is not one to hold grudges or seek revenge, his philosophy is forgive and forget. We could all learn a lesson or two from this smart little fellow. 
He can make more running trips around the living room in two minutes than you can imagine and just as quickly he suddenly he curls up on his favorite blanket and is fast asleep. 
He loved us immediately and he loves us unconditionally, no matter what we look like in the morning or how grouchy we are when we drag in from work! There is not one single thing we do with his that is not “his favorite thing”!
It is said that dogs provide emotional support to those they chose to let inhabit their space, they encourage optimism, decrease stress levels and improves overall mental health. They have the ability to lower blood pressure and heart rate. 
How could we go wrong with a cutie that has power like that? Plus they have the coolest things for dogs these days, you can dress them just like little dolls. Whole stores filled with nothing but pet stuff! Heaven!!!
Now I have to admit that we love our older dog and our cat, but this little guy brings a certain energy and silliness to our world. He can get a weeks worth of fun out of the plastic container his food comes in, he knows the proper procedure for licking a bowl clean, he knows 99 ways to beat Missy (other canine companion) to her bowl of food in the morning and he plays a mean game of tug or war with Dad’s slippers. 
He has yet to learn that the cat is not his personal squeaky toy, that he can get his head stuck in Dad’s boots, and when you are rough housing on the couch it is a long way to the floor when you are little. 
He’s a quick learner too, it took him all of two visits to realize then we go to the bank drive up they better be sending his treat out pronto, or we have to restrain him from crawling out the window to get his just reward. 

Not to get sappy here but he is good at teaching us all we need to know about being human, as only a puppy can do emotions run rampant and all over the place, he has empathy, he is kind (yes at times naughty too), he is filled with compassion and orneriness at the same time and he makes us want to enjoy life as much as he does. 

So I guess what we were thinking was……………..welcome home Buggs!Image


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