I have been in Orlando Florida all week and surrounded by Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, TinkerBell, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Balou, Timon and Pumba.  It is a culture, an atmosphere that wraps itself around you and makes you feel special and like a child again. Mermaids, talking mice, fairies, Disney is where you want to go if you want to believe in happily ever after.

Disney World is a place we can go where evil is defeated, life is fun, hopes and dreams are fulfilled.

There is definitely a special feeling when immersed in the Disney culture, a feeling like you never want to leave.

However, the bottom line is the characters are just humans in costume, and within the human heart there is evil, even if it is dressed in a costume.

Disney is definitely a Magic Kingdom but the idea didn’t originate in Orlando, it originated with God.

How come it is so easy to settle into the wonder and magic of a place like Disney when God offers us that and so much more?

Disney might try to create heaven on earth but they forgot a huge part, the most important part, no where did I see any thing even resembling our Lord. Not a mention or even a whisper of the hope, grace and glory God holds in His hands and freely offers, a vast difference from Disney I might add, the prices here are SHOCKING.

So yes, the fantasy of Disney is wonderful and good for a break from reality, but if you want your hopes and dreams fulfilled in a way that matters, if you want a place to go to get relief from the stresses of life, try the arms of Jesus! I believe heaven must be a lot like Disney but a million times better!


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