Ocean Currents

There is something special about spending a Sunday morning
sitting at the ocean’s edge, just me and the ocean. It has been overstated, but
yet it cannot be overstated, this is majesty that God has created. I cannot
adequately describe what was in my heart that morning. Gratitude of the utmost
proportions is the closest word I can come up with, though that hardly seems sufficient.

That morning, it seemed that God created the ocean just for
me. It is a wonderful surprise he presented to me, just when I needed it most.
The sea, my gift from God. It flows,  it ebbs, but as was God’s plan I think, it
knows exactly where It is going. It has a destination and it continues until
the journey is fulfilled. So shall it be with me.

I have found a peace and serenity here that I was needing,
now I understand why I was so compelled to get here despite the obstacles. Not
only have I found joy, peace and serenity. I have found the certainty I was
searching for. I know without a doubt God that you are here and you are with
me- always and if you are here, you are anywhere I go for that is your nature.

I can go home with the peace that only you can give me,
knowing that you brought me on a journey to reveal your true self to me. You
did that in a way that was uniquely personal and that transcends location.
Wherever I am, you are also.

Is it ironic that you took me from one ocean to another to
show yourself? I don‘t think so, the Atlantic Ocean is vastly different that
the Pacific Ocean yet they were both created by your hand. You guided me from
one coast to another to share with me just a glimpse of your personality.

But it gets better, along with the big bang of the ocean you
sent me the little things that shine just as much a light on your personality
as the big ones. You sent me the voice of the ocean, the reflection of the
sunlight on the ocean, the dolphins cavorting in the ocean and the seagulls
soaring low over the water. How is it that I deserve that much?

Then there are the gentle reminders you are giving me, I
watch as a lone seagull struggles against the wind, getting nowhere until he
turns and goes with the natural flow of the wind, then he sails effortlessly.
Was that me? I suppose it was, always struggling against you God when all you
wanted to do was carry me with you.

God forgive me for resisting so fiercely what you so freely
and lovingly offer me.

I accept Father, I accept all you have to give me.



Ocean View

 The ocean reminds me of God, but that is hardly surprising
as it is one of Gods creations. The
great power of the waves as they race towards the shore, crashing, breaking,
pushing and pulling until they reach their destination amazes me. There is a
sense of urgency to the waves, it is not an option, it is a necessity and a
certainty that they break and roll until they reach the shore.

His love for me for
all of us actually is deeper and wider than the ocean, that in itself is an
amazing fact and almost defies understanding.
Like the ocean, God’s knowledge is deep and no one knows the
true depth of it.


As I am standing there, somehow it comforts me that the
ocean finds its way to me. Not by my hand, in fact, no human hand played a part
in the moment the sea greeted me on the shore. The journey started thousands of
miles away and did not stop until I was in its grasp. I am so mesmerized by the
synchronized rhythm and power of the ocean that it surprises me to realize I am
immersed to my ankles by the glory of the sea.

It was hard not to draw parallels between the ocean and God,
though I know that the ocean was created by God it amazes me how it all works
together, though I suppose I should not be surprised. The ocean fills every
void in whatever is immersed in it, leaving no room for anything else.
  God is a lot like that I think, making it important
to keep ourselves filled with God so that there is no place for Satan to creep

When I was standing in the ocean with the water up to my
ankles I could feel the water eroding the sand away. I could feel the sand
shifting beneath my feet. It was strong enough that I had to change position a
couple of times to prevent myself from toppling over. It seems to me that if we
are not filled with God that Satan can and will creep in and erode our
relationship with God just as the water did to the sand. You erode the foundation
and the building collapses. I imagine Satan is pretty good by now at eroding

Resist his slander and deception, steer clear of his corruption and chaos. He will wrestle with you, tempt you, harass you, blind and cripple you. Attire yourself with the full armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18) and walk forth on you journey with your Savior.